Case study: Peek Launcher

The Problem

Where’s Waldo, but without the fun
Homescreen Sim 2017: Google Edition

The Solution

1. Smart suggestions

  • When I start biking to work in the morning, Google Play Music is the first app on my homescreen.
  • When I’m at work, apps like Slack, Dropbox, Todoist, Google Drive and Chrome are always on my homescreen.
  • When I go for lunch, my loyalty cards app is right there.
  • When I leave work in the evening, Google Play Music appears again, as well as a shortcut to the Hangouts conversation with my girlfriend so that I can tell her I’m on my way.
  • When I get home after work, Netflix and a shortcut to my smart light bulb both appear on my homescreen.

2. Fast searching

3. Launch anything

  • Conversations with friends: Shortcuts work with the stock SMS app, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Whatsapp, …
  • Shortcuts to actions inside apps: Adding a task with Todoist, creating a Google Keep note, Composing an email, creating a Calendar event, navigate home, taking a selfie, scanning a document with Google Drive, …
  • System settings: toggle power saving, enable airplane mode, enable flashlight, …
  • Websites: add any website to your homescreen with your favorite browser, and launch them just like you would any app.
  • Dynamic app shortcuts: with Android 7.1, Google added Dynamic App Shortcuts, allowing any app to present the user with a couple of recommended shortcuts or actions. These can be accessed by dragging down on the app icon, or adding it as a stand-alone item.

UI/UX Design

Interactive prototype: (long press to enter edit mode)
Illustration by Olly Moss for Firewatch

Co-founder and product design at Circuit. Formerly Runtastic & Google. More at

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Pol Kuijken

Pol Kuijken

Co-founder and product design at Circuit. Formerly Runtastic & Google. More at

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